Post Production Services

Baseline Post is a post production studio in Amsterdam Noord and we specialize in offline edit, color grading, online edit & finishing*.

*online edit & finishing; final stage in post production where we finish all assets for final delivery: cleanup shots [paint, repair, retouche, beauty work], titling, sound relay, mastering and archiving.

The studio is located at the edge of “Vliegenbos”, close to Metro Station Noorderpark, the 915 Ferry and entrance ramp S116 by car. Free parking space in front of the studio.

Our studio is ITU-R BT.2035 and EBU TECH3320 compliant, following ACES [Academy Color Encoding System] guidelines and recommendations. Our reference monitors are ISF calibrated with Klein K10-A colorimeter and Lightspace CMS color management. System is powered by Supermicro GPU SuperServer®.